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As the name indicates, Rodgers Technology is built on the life experience, problem-solving skills, and visionary ability of Troy Rodgers.


“My experience in the oil industry started in 1973 with Otis Engineering in Lindsay, Oklahoma.   My first experience was as a wireline helper.  After 6 months, I was selected to attend the Otis Wireline training school in Dallas, Texas. I later expanded my experience to include down hole packers and bridge plugs and ultimately moved into conventional cable snubbing.


In 1977 I started snubbing for Cudd Pressure Control in the hydraulic snubbing field.  By 1978 I was promoted to the snubbing manager of the company over snubbing and well control. I held that position until 1980 when they sold the business.

I started Oklahoma Hydraulic Well Control in January, 1980.  The company’s first success was the building of a 150 snubbing unit and the addition of  two 150’s, one 225, and a 340 for a fleet of 5 units.  Other services included wireline, packers, and downhole tools.  We worked for major oil companies including Phillips Petroleum, Amoco, Cotton Petroleum, and Kaiser-Francis.  I assisted Red-Adair in numerous blow-out and well control situations in the US and overseas.  The total employee count was 48 during the peak of the oilfield boom.


In 2006, I reentered the oil industry after being asked to go offshore as a consultant to certify a 150 unit as operational. After returning to Houston I drew my version of the new Versa-Rig unit.  The name reflected the flexibility in servicing on shore or off shore completion and well service.


I formed an LLC to manufacture and test the design.  In January 2008, we took the unit on site in the Piceance Basin of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.   I modified the unit to meet the customer needs and was able to successfully complete operations on 32 multi-pad wells.


I continue to find new solutions to old problems with the most recent design (patent pending) for a caustic soda mixer.” 


Troy came from a large family of 13 children and has been supported by his immediate family and siblings in allowing him to accomplish his goals.


The Rodgers Technology team looks forward to exploring solutions to your problems.